Indoor houseplants not only look great, but they can stimulate us mentally and many have physical benefits too.  Greenery is proven to make us feel calmer and it can increase our positivity levels.

Numerous scientific reports have shed light on how houseplants can enhance our homes, offices and workplaces for the better.  The main potential benefits are improved physiological well-being and improved physical health. Improved mood, concentration and productivity will go on to reduce stress levels, blood pressure and fatigue.


Plants and Pollution

Indoor air pollution can be caused by toxic air emissions. These indoor derived contaminants, Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C’s) are emitted from furnishings, detergents and paints. Sick Building Syndrome has been used to describe symptoms such as eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, fatigue, irritability, wheezing, dry skin and irritation. Even modern buildings due to their construction cause problems from lack of air circulation. The toxic chemicals produced include benzene, formaldehyde, trichloreothylene, xylene and toluene.


Suggestions of indoor foliage plants and the V.O.C ‘ s they have the potential too reduce.


Benzene and Formaldehyde (to varying degrees)

Ficus elastics – rubber plant

Nephrolepsis exaltata – Boston Fern (also good for humidifying the air)

Chlorophytum – spider plant


Formaldehyde (to varying degrees)

Aglaomena – Chinese evergreen

Spathiphyllum – peace lily



Benzene (to varying degrees)

Crassula ovation – jade plant)

Dieffenbachia – dumb cane

Kentia or Areca Palm


There is a houseplant for all rooms and all positions in your home or office. Most are easy to care and all have the potential to make your space a happy space. Houseplants are an investment worth making.