August Newsletter.
It’s time for all you ‘plant-based people’ to have a clear up.

What a strange year we are all having. Our normal way of life has been turned upside down, and we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space you probably are thinking that flowers are going over, the lawn is looking tired. If you go to the garden centre they don’t seem to have any plants to cheer you up – what to do?
We suggest ‘carpe diem’.
From window boxes, houseplants to large gardens there is always something to do which will make you feel positive, and it doesn’t have to cost you money.
• Tidy hanging baskets, remove any flagging plants, cut back surfinia, million bells etc, and deadhead geraniums. Apply liquid potash fertiliser like tomato food and watch it revive itself for a late summer display.
• If you have any houseplants and can pop them outside on a rainy day they will appreciate the rainwater and the fresh air. Remove any dead leaves, fronds and feed with appropriate fertiliser.
• Lawns can look tired. Try not to mow on a low cut. This will only promote moss and weeds and end up looking even more brown. Apply a liquid feed and treat for lawn weeds if necessary.
• Borders can be rejuvenated. Cut back herbaceous geraniums (except Geranium psilostomen) , and a new flush of growth will appear if watered. Deadhead all other herbaceous and lightly prune any recently flowering shrubs. Alchemical mollisols needs its flowerheads and old leaves removed, and this will re-flush with new leaves. If you have hydrangeas keep them watered to keep the flower heads going. Azalea, rhododendrons and camellia need extra watering during August to promote flower buds for next season.
• Wisteria needs all its new tendril growth removed unless you are trying to expand its stretch.
• If you have any apples, plums etc, they will have now had their summer drop, leaving the right amount of fruit to ripen. Rake up the fallen fruit before the wasps smell them.

After all these jobs there should be plenty of satisfaction and you will deserve a treat (your choice, we know what we would choose!)

If you require advice on any plant-related issue, please pop in or call us.
Enjoy August.
Lots of Love ‘The Plant-Based People’
Jackie and Simone